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What students have to say:

"I love working with David and Handpan Dojo - awesome and original material! David offers very clear and precise explanations, demonstrations and play alongs within this tutorial series. Both challenging and great fun!"

- Samantha Archer
from Archer and Tripp

"Within 2 days of buying my first pan I came across your website. Within 3 days of buying my first pan I had improved immensely thanks to your tutorials! Starting right at the basics I found them so helpful, even though years ago I used to play percussion so had a good idea of rhythms. Within a couple of hours I was feeling confident enough to try putting together some sequences of my own. I can’t wait to move on to the second and third tutorials."

- Liz Sharpley

"Hi I am Moritz from Berlin. I just started the amazing course with a Handpan from Innersound. I have a musical but not a percussive background. Even for me the course works perfectly! Thanks a lot."

- Moritz Ulrich